The following history dating from the year 1856 leading up to the year 1875 date of organization, and on to the present time, 1955; 99 years connection with 2nd Mt Olive Church history.  Many interesting incidents are not recorded, as to the work and sacrifice of the men and women who were founders of the organization; those who have improved, reverenced and revered their inheritance down to the present time.  Many spiritual incidents, many revival meetings, the wonderful manifestations of the Holy Spirit; the Hill-Top experiences; then in the valley of despair; climbing out of the valley, pushing slowly upward and onward again.  Financial difficulties, and how overcome and how vividly the hand of God could be seen, leading and guiding this band of Christians workers down through the years.


Mrs. Laura Bechtel – a member of the Church 72 years.

Assisted by:

Mrs. Elsie Taylor – a member of the Church 39 years.

Sister Elsie Taylor assisted in rewriting and preparing the printing. 

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